Welcome to my land, Mystique wonderland. My name is Tamara and I write for ❝Midnight Mystique❞. A personal online diary that cover a wide range of topics – from creative writing to beauty, fashion and tasty bites. I’ll also sprinkle some lifestyle stories along the way.

The blog started in 2009. and had many different variations through the years. Having ❝Midnight❞ in my life is one of the most beautiful things I’m experiencing on a daily basis. The name of the blog came so naturally as I’m absolutely fascinated by full Moon (mid)nights. I find those nights magical and mysterious, and extremely attractive and inspiring.

I equally enjoy peaceful cozy nights at home & hangouts with my friends, and that’s noticeable in my posts. I love exploring different things and finding happiness in a daily routines. I’m getting inspired by the people I meet, (new) places I visit or in ordinary things that make our days, but we never really notice their essence. From that point, I really hope that my work in here will inspire my lovely readers in a beautiful ways. I love hearing your opinions and suggestions; your comments on my social media & here on my blog mean so much to me. So, THANK YOU all for taking a midnight walks with me, under the moonlight & shine of a billion stars…

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Thank you!