❤…welcome to my Mystique chronicles. My name is Tara and I write for “Midnight Mystique”, from Budva (Montenegro). This is kind of a personal diary online, sprinkled with some writings, columns, style and lifestyle stories. The blog started in 2009. and evolved in last 2 years.  Having “Midnight” in my life is one of the most beautiful things I’m experiencing on a daily basis.

The name of the blog came so naturally as I’m absolutely fascinated by full Moon (mid)nights. I find those nights magical and mysterious, and extremely attractive. At one point of my life, midnight was a symbol of something important to me, so these facts mixed together gave an unique result.

I equally enjoy peaceful cozy nights at home & hangouts with my friends, and that’s noticeable in my posts. I love exploring different things and finding happiness in a daily routines. I’m getting inspired by the people I meet, (new) places I visit or in ordinary things that make our days, but we never really notice their essence. From that point, I really hope that my work in here will inspire my lovely readers in a beautiful ways. I love hearing your opinions and suggestions, your comments on my social media & here, on my blog mean so much to me. So, my gracefully readers, THANK YOU all for taking a midnight walks with me, under the moonlight & shine of a billion stars…❤

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Thank you!

❤ Here are some facts about me ❤

~ My favorite book ever is “The Little Prince”

~ I love cooking & I’m pretty good at it

~ I could read books for days and never get bored

~ My eyes are deep olive-green color, although at first sight I look like a brown eyed

~ I’m left-handed, but I’ve learnt to write with my right

~ I have lucid dreams

~ I graduated financial studies 4.5 years ago, so I’m supposed to be a banker

~ 13 is my lucky number!

~ I’ve never fell in love on first sight

~ Grasshoppers are freaking me out, they’re my only phobia