Hi loves!
I’m Tamara, a girl who stands behind “Midnight Mystique” with full heart. Welcome to my online universe of creative writing, columns and style & beauty articles, sprinkled with some lifestyle stories along the way.

“Midnight Mystique” started in 2009. and had many different variations through the years. Having this blog in my life is one of the most beautiful things I’m experiencing on a daily basis. Name of the blog came so naturally as I’m absolutely fascinated by full Moon (mid)nights. I find those nights magical and mysterious, and extremely attractive and inspiring.

I’m getting inspired on a daily basis by people I meet, new places I visit or simple everyday routines and experiences. By my opinion, it is very important to allow yourself to enjoy random things and situations from everyday, and that’s exactly from where I get inspiration for my work. I equally enjoy the moments spent in the cozyness of my home with a good book & cup of warm coffee, and hangouts with my family and friends while exploring new corners or just talking about every single topic ever opened. I want to share with you my experiences, opinions and various events, and I can’t wait to hear from you in return! Your support means a world to me and I’m thankful that you’re here day after day, helping “Midnight” family to grow day by day. I’m highly interested in your opinions on the topics I chose for the blog, so kindly please – share with me all your thoughts in the comments below articles 💕

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